Friday, February 5, 2010

Speech Recognition Software

A few days ago I purchased speech recognition software. I tried this once before several years back but I could never get the software to recognize my Southern accent.

I can say now that speech recognition software has come a long way and I can see how this will really help in speeding the process up allowing you to get you ideas out on paper.

This is only the second text that I have written using this software. I still need to go back and edit a little from what I am saying but I’m amazed how well this program works!

The biggest problem for me is not always just coming up with what to say but writing it down and making sure everything is spelled correctly and all the punctuation is correct. I am hopeful that with this tool I might finally be able to write the book that I have been thinking about writing for very long time.

It think it will be great just to be a let your mild flowed freely and talk and not have to worry about spelling everything correctly. Also being able to have all your ideas captured as you are thinking about them for me will be wonderful. Lately it seems I'm having harder time sleeping and find that I have to have a notepad by my bed in order to jot thoughts down just to get them out of my head. Ugh!

So, thanks Nuance Communications Inc. for creating Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10.

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Unknown said...

Thank you John for your invaluable contribution to the world of philanthropy. I am gratified that I followed a large percentage of your recommendation and I will keep reading to get to know you.

Question: did you write your book yet??